Healing the Mind-Body with Kabbalah

Health Secrets from the Seventh Heaven

Humans are constantly at war with their emotions. The human intellect is in a constant struggle over good and evil with its animal side. The result when the evil side succeeds: We behave badly; we eat too much; we drink, smoke, take drugs; we become promiscuous; or we get violently angry, or worse. All this leads to depression, poor health and disease, and eventually untimely death. The Kabbalah masters describe this war as “the good inclination versus the evil inclination” or “the G-dly soul versus the animal soul.” In short, the animal within us, if not tamed, destroys us.

For hundreds of years the Kabbalists formulated strategies to “take control” of this deadly dichotomy. Their practices have enabled them to subdue the dark side—ending the strife between the opposites in their mind-body relationship and harnessing the resulting energy to live long, fulfilled lives. The Hassidim—sects of Ultra-Orthodox Jews—have practiced Kabbalah for centuries. The largest sect, the Chabad Lubavitch, cleave to a particular opus of Kabbalah, known as the Tanya, as a “formula” for healthy living. In this easy to read book Moshe Sharon applies the principles and practices of the Tanya to modern health care and explains how to use the teachings of Tanya to “take control” and conquer many of the physical and mental health conditions that plague our modern society.

Sharon explains in easy to read text and with many anecdotes:

Human nature, as expounded by Kabbalah in general and by the Tanya in particular.

The familiar ways of thinking that govern speech and action

How to eliminate stress

Kabbalistic perspective of change and the nature of time

How we can utilize the Kabbalistic concepts in Hassidic teachings to cope with the aftermath of trauma

Kabbalah’s approach to depression

How chronic disease is a manifestation of behavior

Kabbalistic principles from the Tanya to resolve potential health problems such as anxiety, obsession, anger, hatred and frustration

How to rid ourselves of impulses, compulsions and addictions.

How to apply Kabbalistic concepts to enhance the health of society at large

In general, the hype over Madonna’s tryst into Kabbalah, followed by other Hollywood stars, has come and gone, but Kabbalah continues to grow exponentially, transforming esoteric knowledge into practical advice. This book further advances this cause by providing practical insights in gaining impulse control and getting rid of bad habits.


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