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the opposite of every problem is its solution, so let’s find yours

Everything I Wanted to Say to my Teenage Daughter that She didn’t Want to Hear

I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how to write the “super blog”. So if you’re among the few thousand readers who logged on to this post, thank G-d! I made it. However, if you’re the only person … Continue reading

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How to Eliminate Anxiety from your Daily Life

Anxiety serves a useful purpose in that we are motivated to work to avoid being homeless and hungry. On the other hand, it is the great destroyer because we keep asking the “What if?” question, fretting over the outcome of every mundane action. Even those who have a strong faith in G-d experience angst over an uncertain future because faith alone is not enough.
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Taking Shape – The Geometric Keys to Joy and Success

Why do I need to learn this Stuff? School kids ask this question all the time and never get satisfactory answers. That is why so many youngsters have rejected learning things like geometry, being unable to apply it in their thinking and planning for success. Find out how to rethink geometry to understand how the world works and what we can do to make or lives take shape. Continue reading

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What, me Worry?

Jacob left his father Isaac’s house with great wealth and before he got very far, his nephew cleaned him out. Jacob gave him all he had so that the lad could go home to his father, Esau and report that … Continue reading

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