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There are more questions than answers, but when we explore the inner dimensions of Kabbalah we find the outer limits of the mind.

The Line

We are always dealing with an unseen truth that governs our lives and exists beyond our capacity to notice. Tow the line, line up, stay in line, you’re way out of line, walk a straight line, don’t cross that line, … Continue reading

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The Point

The point identifies an exact location in space yet it has no dimensions and therefore has no physical existence. Thus if you touch a surface with the tip of a needle you are covering an infinite number of points. Yet every measurable physical structure is a conglomeration of lines connecting one non-existant point to another. Thus the point is a geometric key to understanding the concept of G-d creating something from nothing. Continue reading

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How to Eliminate Anxiety from your Daily Life

Anxiety serves a useful purpose in that we are motivated to work to avoid being homeless and hungry. On the other hand, it is the great destroyer because we keep asking the “What if?” question, fretting over the outcome of every mundane action. Even those who have a strong faith in G-d experience angst over an uncertain future because faith alone is not enough.
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The Regression of Secular Progression

As a Jew, I find it both fascinating and alarming to watch the political/philosophical/moral debate raging in this country between the leftist secular progressives and right wing Christian fundamentalists. As most of us know, the secularists, who claim to be … Continue reading

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What, me Worry?

Jacob left his father Isaac’s house with great wealth and before he got very far, his nephew cleaned him out. Jacob gave him all he had so that the lad could go home to his father, Esau and report that … Continue reading

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Points and Lines in the World of Opposites and the Process of Free Will

Would you like to know whether you have a certain look you want to project? Check out your shadow. Like everything else, the shadow has two opposing functions. One, to protect us from the heat of the sun; and two, to provide an area of darkness to conceal one’s shameful activities. When we use it for protection we call it shade. When we use it for concealment we call it “shadow.” However, to be sure, when the sun is directly above us there is no shadow and everything is exposed. Likewise, there are no secrets in this world and no private thoughts because the Infinite Light of G-d is always directly above us with no shadows to conceal the dark forces. Continue reading

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