We all live in a world of opposites and we each have a world of opposites living within us. Everything within the physical and spiritual worlds has its converse and a perpetual state of war exists between them. Moreover, the worlds themselves are dichotomous with the Heavens split between light and darkness and the Universe, composed of matter, with its antimatter counterpart and a one-dimensional line of demarcation between them. This basic bipolar antagonistic construct of all existence has manifested itself in all languages and cultures since the beginning of time with time itself being a process of the future becoming its opposite past.

To explore further, all of our understanding depends on the concept of opposites. We cannot know how to be polite unless we understand what it is to be rude; we can’t be good unless we know what is evil; we can’t understand order without knowing about chaos; and the only reason we know which way to go is because we come to understand that the opposite direction will take us further away from where we want to be. Everything, whether physical or spiritual, object or idea; tangible or intangible has its opposite and there is an impenetrable line of demarcation between them because otherwise they would cancel each other out. But each concept, perception or entity is inextricably connected to its counterpart as the mirror image of the other and are therefore interdependent for existence. Even “opposite” has its opposite which is “same” and the opposite of same is opposite. Without “same” there would be no opposite and without “opposite” nothing would be the same and everything would be the same as nothing.

We have it all right here for us to read, discuss and find some answers:

  • Self Help – the opposite of every problem is its solution, so let’s find yours.
  • Healing Arts – Many doctors tell their patients, “There is nothing more that can be done,” when they should be saying, “There is nothing more I can do.” We’ll explore alternatives for real healing.
  • Book Reviews – We’ll discuss the hottest titles on subjects of interest that you get to choose.
  • Politics – We’ll discuss the real issues around the world and throw caution to the wind.
  • Judaism – There are more questions than answers, but when we explore the inner dimensions of Kabbalah we find the outer limits of the mind.
  • Philosophy – We’ll explore the inner dimensions of our minds to reach the outer limits of our thoughts, discern truth from fiction and find the outer limits of logic.
  • Metaphysics – We’ll explore fundamental notions by which we try to understand the world, like existence, free will, space, time, causality and possibility.
  • News – We’ll tackle major current events and try to analyze the impact; one pebble in a pond can change the world.
  • Hot Topics – We’ll pick the hottest buzzwords in the blogosphere and discuss why they generate so much interest.

So click around for some stimulating discussions and mind-tingling revelations


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